To me when I was sixteen years old

Dear Celia,

You say you don’t want kids, but you should have them anyway. It is the only way to get out of working full-time. You’ll like them when you get them, I promise. It isn’t all changing diapers and wiping noses like you’ve done your whole life with your younger siblings. You will love your own kids more.

You say you want to be free from responsibility, and while that sounds good, really it is boring and empty. Having kids will make your life meaningful and interesting. When you are responsible for something or someone, you love it more. And when you love something a lot, then life is worthwhile. Think about how much you love your Honda Elite 150 scooter. A lot, right? Well, imagine loving something 100 times that. You know how you wake up every morning and feel happy to see your scooter? That is how you feel when you wake up and see your children every day.

You say you just want to have fun. Here’s a secret you don’t know yet: You get to relive your childhood with each kid. Childhood is fun, remember? It wasn’t too long ago for teenaged you. Not only do you get to be excited about Christmas and Disneyland again, you get to be excited about your children achieving milestones like walking, reading, playing instruments, babysitting, and on and on.

You think YOU are the most interesting person in the world. As it should be for now, but trust me, there isn’t anything more interesting than a little person who reflects you and your husband’s personalities. When one of your children starts walking around with his nose in a book or putting together cute outfits, you’ll know where it came from. You. And what is more interesting than you?

I don’t really need to convince you. I’m pretty sure you are going to have children someday. I predict you’ll have four and that they will be the best things that ever happened to you. Better than a new car or a trip to Europe or a kiss from the cute boy. I promise.

Love, An Older And Hopefully Wiser Me

img_0606.jpgCelia, mother to four children, lives in the California Bay Area. She writes about it at Groundhog Day with Celia Fae.


6 responses to “To me when I was sixteen years old

  1. Great letter! Celia is wise and funny. Her kids are lucky she took her own counsel…

  2. This was a great letter. Can you just imagine what our 16-year-old selves would think if they saw our lives today? Mine could never imagine touching that much body fluid in a single day. I loved this letter. Celia is the best. Just love her!

  3. Loved it. I’m sure 16 yr old Celia is still inside older Celia and loving to see her life now. Wise and humorous letter. Nothing less than what you’d expect.

  4. Hi. Just me checking on me. Let’s all be sixteen again, if only for a day. How’s May 1 for you?

  5. Celia!

    That was wonderful. I loved how you expressed that you get to relive your childhood through watching your children. You know, if possible I am even more excited for holidays now because my kiddos get so excited.

    It is really sweet how you said that they are the best things that ever happened to you.

  6. You had a scooter? Perhaps I never had one because children would be a let down after such a lifetime achievement.

    Loved this; I remember being 16 and wondering what I was going to do since I didn’t like children that much. It wasn’t until I got my first nephew that I realized that maybe I would like to be a mom.

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