If you give a mom a minute

If you give a mom a minute (while the three older kids are at school/preschool and the two younger ones are napping)…she will try to transfer a load from the washer to the dryer.

But according to her new 12-step laundry program, all clean laundry that comes out of the dryer must be put away IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, it will never get put away. She tries to hang up the white church shirts and then she realizes all hangers in the house are in use…so she goes into the two-year-old’s closet to retrieve hangers.

While looking through the closet she realizes he has outgrown most of his clothing. She cleans out his closet (in order to get the hangers) and makes a pile of give away clothes. Since she is clearing out the closet, she might as well clean out his drawers, also. She now has a BIG pile of clothing to donate…so she heads to the kitchen to get a garbage bag for all the clothes…as she gets a garbage bag, she see the kitchen garbage is overflowing…..for once she has her shoes on and no one to follow her outside…so she takes out the garbage.

While walking down the front walk, she has to duck under the overgrown palm tree. This reminds her that several visitors have had to duck, as well. So she opens up the garage, gets out the electric hedger and clips off the offending palm fronds. She then notices that the lantana and bougainvillea are also encroaching the sidewalk, so she trims those, too.

While trimming, she remembers the 10 o’ clock news report of a burglar in the area who hides in shrubbery. She then takes the hedgers to all shrubs…including ones that have never been trimmed before. Once finished, she remembers her husband is not a big fan of her landscaping skills (maybe because it reminds him of bad haircuts she has given him in the past).

So she gets out the rake to clear away the evidence…an hour later she finally makes it back into the house and changes out of her sweaty, stinking clothes and tries to put them into the washer…but it is full of a load that needs to go into the dryer…a dryer that is full of a load that needs to be hung up/put away.

Carla lives in a suburb outside of Phoenix, is mother to five great kids, and loves to learn new things. You can find her at her blog Six Beez or reach her at carla2822@cox.net.


15 responses to “If you give a mom a minute

  1. Too true! (Sounds like most of my days…now what was it I was going to do?…)

  2. So sad, but true. We mothers all have a little bit of ADD, don’t we?

  3. True, true, and way too funny because it is true.

  4. This is hilarious…and absolutely true. What a way with words…such is the life of a mom!

  5. So true! Painfully true!
    Love it and LOVE CARLA!

  6. Hilarious….and True!

  7. And yet, as women, everything gets done. Men cannot multi-task like this!

  8. Carla,

    You hit the nail on the head. I find myself doing this daily–it is really hard to focus on one thing when there are SO MANY THINGS that need our attention!

  9. This sounds very similar to my everyday!

  10. It is because of all this that I choose to stay in bed a little longer. And unlike the men of the house…we see it, we do it, without being asked.
    You are a supermom, Carla.

  11. I love this!

  12. “A woman’s work is never done.”
    I actually wrote down every single thing I did one day & showed it to my husband when he asked “So, what did you do all day?” You are amazing.

  13. This is hysterical. In my house, we call it the Six Mmore Things effect.

  14. LOL so super true! Glad I am not the only one getting side tracked all day long.

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