You are invited to contribute to this project, a collection of letters about how we approach parenting in all our vivid differences and uniting similarities. Writing a letter might bring new light to your own ideas about parenting and may also bring new insights and unmeasured benefit to other parents who are also traveling-trudging-skipping-strolling on the parenting path.

~ Write as if a friend or relative, behind you on the parenting path, has asked you how you do it. We are looking for those beliefs, lessons, or philosophies that guide your parenting.

~ Be specific & personal, using examples as appropriate.

~ Narrow down. You don’t need to express everything you’ve learned, just one or two that have been especially important to you as you raise your children.

~ Be real. The letter doesn’t have to be anything long or grand, just a real and honest piece of your wisdom written in your voice. It can be inspiring, funny, irreverent, moving…whatever you feel interested in sharing.

~ There is no length limit but be as concise as you can.

~ Please no sermonizing, finger-pointing, divisive statements, or negative-oriented letters. Say what you do believe & live by as a parent rather than what you don’t endorse or don’t like in others.

~ With your letter, please submit a short, one- or two-line bio about who you are and where you live and, if you wish, how readers can contact you. A photo is welcome and encouraged.

~ Please send letters, either in the body of an e-mail or in an attachment, to

Happy writing!